2023: Again, Item Wards throw weight behind Sen. Kalu


Constituents in Item C and A, Amaokwe Item D and Okoko Item B wards of Bende Local Government Area of Abia State have reaffirmed their earlier position to throw their weight behind the election of Senator Orji Uzor Kalu representing Abia-North for another term in the Senate.

Converging in carnival forms at their various meeting venues the constituents hinged their decision on Kalu’s impressive legislative representation which they said has brought about an unrivaled track record of service delivery and people oriented projects and empowerments.

As Kalu’s ongoing re-election tour gradually winds down, the Senator who doubles as the Chief Whip of the Senate visited the aforementioned wards on Friday where he interacted with residents,  party faithfuls,  clergy , women,  youth groups and traditional leaders.

According to submissions made by their respective community representatives the people testified that Senator Kalu has performed creditably well to deserve another term noting that his return is important in order to avail the Lawmaker additional opportunity to consolidate on some of the infrastructural projects he initiated in his first term.

Various achievements of Kalu, candidate of the All Progressives Congress were listed as the people affirmed that the Lawmaker’s party has been beneficial to them. They include; Construction of : Amaeke to Apaanu road, Amankalu Umuobasi, Apaanu to Akanu , Apaanu, Okoko Item roads, Construction of a School Block in Okoko Item Central School and Provision & Installation of 500kva Transformers.

The Impact of Kalu in Education was emphasised “Item Ward C” where he had first arrived as the people lauded the parliamentarian for renovating some old school buildings which he built during his administration as Governor of the state.

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President General Akanu, Mr. Ojike Mba particularly appreciated Kalu for the free distribution of Science and Commercial textbooks to secondary school students to Aid their learning.

Prime Minister of Oka Item, Chief Igwe Kalu described Kalu as one who matches his words with action. He assured the Senator 100 percent votes from the community;”Kalu should be rest assured that our votes are for him only,  we are giving him 100% of our votes, Orji Kalu is our hero , the infrastructure he has brought to our community is unprecedented. He is our sole candidate and we are voting for him only.

Another community stakeholder, Ndukwe Okereke stressed that the return of Kalu to the Senate is very important so as for him to complete some of the jobs he has commenced in their various localities.

Proofs that Kalu wouldn’t disappoint if re-elected was highlighted at “Item Ward A” as the President General of Apanu Item Development Union, Chukwu S. Egbuta said the numerous number of projects the Lawmaker had completed and initiated within the short period of time indicated his willingness to continue to work for the people.

The inability of the State’s ruling People’s Democratic Party Governors after Kalu’s tenure in 2007 to execute a single project in Abia-North was condemned at “Amokwe Item”. President General Item Development Association,  Chief Kingsley Ogba Nwokoro described Kalu as their saving grace who provides them with capital projects both as Governor and Senator,  urging his people to rally behind his re-election.

Promises made to all Item Communities by Kalu in 2019 were declared accomplished at “Okoko Item Ward B” . At the village square’s “Uke Ngini Kandu” venue where elated residents converged, Assistant Local Government Secretary, Moses Ijomah stated that Kalu performed above their expectations.

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“From Orji Kalu’s track records from when he Governed our state and now as  a Senator,  it’s not surprising to us that he has accomplished so much for us. “The renovation of the central School and the construction of our road leading to Ugwueke can be described as a fulfillment of Kalu’s 2019 campaign promises, ” Ijomah disclosed.

While giving his gratitude for their endorsements,  the Senate Chief Whip told the community that the era of collecting food and cash for votes is over, asking the community to mention any project done by PDP in Abia-North. 

Kalu also notified the farmers of the free provision of Cassava grinding plants to their wards which he said will help reduce its current high cost. 

Kalu disclosed his next developmental agenda; “Before June this year, Item Ward C will get a new school followed by a 5km road from ‘Amokwe – Akanu-Akezi (Ebonyi) via Umuakpa axis’ which will come up before October this year . Don’t forget I built the Akai – Apanu – Nkporo road, which proves that I put my words into action.

“By next year I will produce second set school uniforms for our school children,this will enhance their tidiness and reduce the burden on some parents.

“I installed the electrification of the entire Item when I was your Governor, you can confirm yourselves if any party  has executed any single project for you after I left , so it’s up to you to take your destiny in your hands. Ask yourselves if any Governor after me has carried out a single project or empowerment.

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“The era of voting for candidates because of food items and money is over , now it is all about infrastructural delivery,  if you’re offered those things collect them but do the right thing by voting for me. For 16 years no PDP Government has brought even the Smallest project or empowerment for any of you, political parties must show what they have done before asking for  votes.

Rounds of votes of confidence were given to Senator Orji Kalu at each ward he visited as the Senator also reassured them of multiple returns of capital infrastructures upon his re-election to the Senate.

Elated participants at the rally were; Parish Priest of St. John’s Catholic Church Item and Christian Association Coordinator Bende Local Government Area, Rev. Father Daniel Osuji, Bende APC Chairman, Onwuchekwa Ulu , Ward members and executives of the APC, Reality Organisation and OUK Movement among other residents.


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