2023: Kwara Senator, Oloriegbe calls for continuity to enhance implementation of NHIA Act


Determined to enhance implementation of the newly signed National Health Insurance Authority Act by President Muhammadu Buhari, sponsor of the bill, Senator Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe (APC Kwara Central) has canvassed for continuity of lawmakers in the 10th National Assembly.

Specifically, he said there will be continuity in the implementation of the law as long as those who initiated the bill are voted to come back to the parliament in the 2023 general election.

“We will monitor through oversight, there is need for legislation for the vulnerable group fund and specific intervention fund. Experience matters in legislative agenda” he said.

Oloriegbe, who is the Chairman Senate Commitee on Health, declared Monday that for strict implementation of National Health Insurance  Authority Act ( NHIA) , he and his counterpart in the House of Representatives , Hon Tanko Sununu, should be voted into the coming 10th National Assembly. 

The Kwara senator who spoke while fielding questions from newsmen said the passion deployed by them in seeing to the passage of the bill and assent by President Buhari, will be deployed into its strict implementation through effective oversights.

“We still have one year to continue to provide service for the citizens of this  country. Within that time we will do our best to make sure that the very important bill,  is implemented.

“As the two of us are seeking reelection, we hope we would be reelected. Whatever is the outcome, we would definitely make sure that the implementation come to fruition. 

“It is part of the commitment that I’m here today. We are currently in the heat of campaign activities for primaries. I say this is a national assignment and this is service to Nigeria.

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“I  had to leave my campaign and flew in and I will be flying back to Ilorin my base to continue with my campaign.

“My colleague in the House of Representatives is also busy campaigning for reelection.

“We are very committed to this. We are looking at the 2022 budget of the  NHIA to see how we could make some amendments to it to see that the Act is implemented”, he said .

He explained further that the Act has provided opportunity for all Nigerians to have health insurance .

“Every person resident in Nigeria by provisions of this Act , is expected to obtain health insurance and by extension, have access to health care services”.

The lawmaker listed success factors of the bill which has been passed into law to include, collaboration between the two Chambers of the National Assembly, particularly between the leadership, tripartite collaboration between the legislature, executive and civil society organisations and the listening ear of President Muhammadu Buhari.


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