Group bemoans alleged plans to impose Akpabio as Senate President


The Arewa Youth of Nigeria has alleged that there are enough reasons why former governor of Akwa Ibom state, Godswill Akpabio should not be saddled with the responsibility of senate president and chairman of the National Assembly.

Indeed, the group cited THISDAY online Newspaper’s comment on Friday 26th May, 2023 against Akpabio’s senate presidency.

In a statement on Saturday by Mallam Aliyu Mustapha, Secretary General of the group said the article from THISDAY online Newspapers was enough for Nigerians to know why Godswill Akpabio shouldn’t be made Nigeria senate president.

The quoted THISDAY Newspapers comment by the group reads in part:

“Now we await, in raging stupefication, the imposition of Senator Godswill Akpabio as the Senate president and the chairman of the national assembly. Spanning the last two decades, his public career has come to symbolise a study in the utility of public corruption and impunity for upward mobility in the ladder of political leadership in Nigeria. 

“The tragedy of contemporary Nigeria is the extent to which the perfidy of mindless corruption has been upstaged (by the impunity of how much you can rub the nose of Nigeria in this mud) by the open tender of a pedigree of unspeakable stolen public resources as credentials for higher office. To prove the point is the pending coronation of Akpabio as the next Nigeria’s Senate president. 

“In his preceding successive occupations as Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator and Senator-elect, he has left behind tons of evidence on his exploitation of those offices as conduit pipes for unprecedented embezzlement”. 


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