I don’t get distracted kissing in movies –Tayo Faniran

File photo of Tayo Faniran

A former Big Brother Africa housemate and actor, Tayo Faniran, raised a lot of eyebrows during the week when he shared a picture of himself and actress, Uche Ogbodo, in a romantic pose.

In a chat with Saturday PUNCH, Faniran stated that the picture was taken on the set of a movie. He said, “Professionalism is important. Distractions will make one weak. I was just doing my job. There is no doubt that Uche is beautiful, attractive and a great actor. But when it comes to acting, one has to be professional. We had to make it look real because that is what we are selling to the audience. However, you should know that while filming, there might be about 20 people in the room with us. When one is kissing (in a movie), one cannot afford to get carried away or be distracted. One cannot be a good actor if one does things contrary to what one’s director wants one to do. For me, it was just pure professionalism. I feel honoured to have been in the movie with Uche and I look forward to playing many more roles with other Nollywood actors. I won’t allow distractions make me a weak man.”

Sharing his fatherhood experience, Faniran said, “Fatherhood has actually brought me this far. Before I became a father, I was doing okay. I had dreams but the moment I became a father, the push became harder. There is that thing that wakes me up every day saying, ‘You haven’t done enough’. I have loved people, parents and siblings, but loving one’s own children is different. One will then have to love other souls more than one loves oneself. There is no selfishness when it comes to fatherhood. Many times, I have to deprive myself of things I need because I have to meet up with my children’s needs first.”

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Faniran, who used to be based in South Africa, also noted that since his return to the country, he had been focusing on his acting career. “I have done modelling professionally for 11 years internationally. Since the time I went for Big Brother Africa in 2014, I was going back and forth, but I was more in South Africa. In South Africa, modelling is more structured. In Nigeria, we don’t have a professional modeling industry. Since last October, I have been in Nigeria. Since I moved to Nigeria, I have focused on my acting career and fashion business,” he said.

Credit: PUNCH


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