I love kissing more than sex…says Actress Mimisola Daniels

A file photo of Mimisola Daniels

Chocolate–skinned Mimisola Daniels is one of the hottest babes in Nollywood. She is a scriptwriter, producer and actress who has featured in over 40 home movies including television series and soaps. 

Mimi, as friends and fans fondly call her, sheds light on her journey so far in this interview.

How did you come into acting? 

I am Mimisola Daniels. I came into acting by myself and later met Toyin Abraham through a friend. I worked with Toyin for a while before joining Future Concept Group led by Dele Ogundipe.

Would you say life is treating you well?

As you can see, God’s grace is written all over me. So, I’d say life has been treating me even better, to the glory of God.

Tell us about your growing up. 

I was born in Warri, Delta State and had part of my elementary school there before moving down to Ibadan where I attended Staff School, University of Ibadan. For my secondary education, I attended Queens School, Apata, Ibadan, though I sat for my Secondary School Certificate Examination at Genius Royal Academy. I later proceeded to Olabisi Onabanjo University where I had my Diploma in Industrial Labour Relations and degree in Economics.

Would you say that your childhood dreams are becoming true? 

I love money a whole lot, so I’ve always wanted to be a businesswoman or just do something that had to do with counting money. And trust me, it’s becoming true gradually.

How many movies have you featured in?

I haven’t featured in thousands of movies but I’ve lost count already.

Is Surface your first movie production? No, Surface is my 5th movie. I did Ewu (Risk) Inioluwa, Mother’s Wish, Ranti Mi, and then Surface.

How did you come about the storyline of Surface?

If you look around closely, you’d find out that these things happen everywhere. I have a couple of people that such things have happened to, so I decided to put it out there for people to learn one or two things.

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How were you able to cast a 3-weeks-old baby without his parents being scared of exposing him that early?

I’ll forever be grateful to the family of the baby, because trust me, it was really a great risk… I cast the baby three days to the shoot, and I called my director that I wanted a newborn baby. I could remember a friend told me that we can’t achieve that and I said there is no crime trying. Then, I got in touch with a friend who spoke to her uncle and he obliged us because he loves our industry. So, I had both father and mother on set! I was actually scared at some point because there was a scene where I ran out with the baby and he didn’t blink, I had to tell my director to cut and I told his mom to please wake him up. But thank God, it all turned out a success. The baby is now a big boy, we should be working together soon.

If not acting, what would you have been doing? 

If not acting, it would be business all the way. I am still into business, though acting seems to be taking larger part of my time.

How were you able to fit into the role you played in the comedy series, Awaaladun

I was able to fit in because it’s my job. I should be able to act every role given to me; there shouldn’t be any role I wouldn’t be able to fit into.

Do you act under influence?

Hell, no! I don’t act under influence. I am too hyper to act under any influence.

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Are you hooked or still single?  

I’m not hooked; I’m still single. Yeah, I know it sounds weird and I know people don’t take me serious when I say I’m single. I wouldn’t know if you have a cute brother (laughter).

Can you describe your kind of man? 

Any man who is more mature than I am is cool for me. Why did I say so? It’s because any mature man would be able to handle me. It takes a very mature man to be a husband.

How do you handle your male fans? 

I got used to them as time went on. I handle them maturely because I realised I can’t do without them.

Kissing or sex, which one do you prefer?

Kissing all day… I love kissing more than sex hands down.

What pisses you off most in a relationship? 

I would say lies and pretense.

What movie are you working on now? 

I am definitely working on something. It’s a secret for now.

What has the COVID-19 lockdown stolen from you?

I had to cancel the shooting of my next project due to the lockdown.

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