NIS, Huawei Technologies Strengthen Ties for Digital Migration management


The Nigeria Immigration Service, (NIS), has said that it will continue to strengthen its partnership with Chinese mobile technologies giant, Huawei, to provide a digital platform for seamless and effective migration management across national borders for internal security.

Speaking at an interactive session between the NIS and Huawei on immigration digital transformation, Acting Comptroller-General, (CG), of the NIS, Isah Idris, noted that a sustained collaboration between the two agencies is key to bolstering efforts at securing Nigeria’s borders through ICT.

He said the need for smooth deployment of relevant Information and Communication Technology, (ICT), has made it necessary for the NIS to continue to engage Huawei technologies to further the agency’s commitment at entrenching seamless operations and strategies.

Idris said the service has long realized that “Within the framework of the statutory obligations of the NIS and in furtherance of the overall commitment towards entrenching effective and efficient Migration Management and Internal Security strategies in Nigeria, the deployment of relevant Information and Communications Technology (ICT) cannot be overemphasized.”

“Consequently, while contending with the reality of inadequate resources, the NIS had implemented several ICT platforms to guarantee seamless operations and effective and efficient service delivery.

Some prominent examples of such platforms which are at various stages of implementation include e-Passport Project, e-Payment for Immigration facilities and Expatriate Residence Permit (CERPAC) Project.

“Others are e-Pass to check overstay, electronic passenger registration system (e-PaRS), automated Visa on Arrival (VOA), automated Temporary Work Permit (TWP), Migration Information and Data Analysis System (MIDAS), Public Key Directory (PKD) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), a harmonization of data base command and Control entre in the NIS’ Technology Building and the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered central database system among others,” he added.

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He explained that the essence of interactive session was to create an enabling environment for the ICT personnel of the NIS to brief the technical experts from Huawei on the general status of the NIS digital transformation with a view of engaging in very robust technical discussions and exchange of ideas towards enhancing the capacity of the NIS in accelerating trends for operational integration with appropriate and adequate technological interventions.

Huawei Chief Scientists, Koh Heng Eng, while giving a brief description of some of some key technological strategies, said his company will continue to provide the needed digital and technological support to the NIS in order to deepen their relationship.


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